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Home Insurance

Home Insurance is designed to protect Irish homeowners what is for most of us is our most valuable and important asset, our Home.  Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers have access to Ireland’s leading and most competitive Home Insurance Companies and we will aim to provide you with the most appropriate insurance policy from the most appropriate insurer.

Home Insurance is a property insurance which covers private homes, buildings and contents.  Home Insurance will provide you cover against losses such as fire, storm, flood and theft occurring to your home and its contents. Home Insurance policies may include accidental damage cover which means that if you accidentally damage your property the claim may be covered. 

In addition, you can choose to extend cover for personal possessions outside the home, such as a laptop or jewellery. 

You may also get these essential extras insured as standard:

  • Money and Credit Cards
  • Television, Radio, Aerials, Masts and Satellite Dishes
  • Fire Brigade Charges
  • Accidental Loss of Oil
  • Glass Breakage

There is also an owner’s liability extension under the home insurance policy which covers amounts you may legally have to pay in respect of accidental damage, illness, injury or death of any person or their property. For example, if a visitor to your home has a slip or a fall and you are liable as the owner of the property, you are covered for the amount of any compensation awarded.

The cost of homeowners insurance often depends on what it would cost to rebuild the house and how much it would cost to replace all of the contents of the house.

Tenant's liability - this is provided in the event that the policyholder is the tenant of the property. It provides cover for amounts the policyholder is legally liable to pay under the tenancy agreement for damage to the building, decorations and fixtures etc.

Third Party Liability - provides insurance  cover in a personal capacity should you cause injury or damage to another person through your negligence. This also extends to outside the home. E.g. Golf course, collision while cycling a bicycle. It will also cover you as the employer of a domestic employee should you be found liable for injury of loss caused in the course of their employment, for example if a child minder has a fall in your house and injures their back.


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